Fiona‘s first degree was in Economics at the University of Sydney. She did Psychology as part of her degree, which was her favourite subject. She wanted to find out how and why some people are so successful and some are not. Some seemed to get it right – and get all the right answers. She was fascinated with the effect success had on one’s confidence and self-esteem.

However, Psychology at university tended to be mainly ‘rats and stats’, and very little on her area of interest.

Her luck changed when she enrolled in a PhD student’s project and discovered journal writing. Fiona found she was able to get some insights.

(Insights are those answers that come from the subconscious mind – that are always 100% right. Insights provide the right information that leads to success.)

Journal writing gave her some insights, but they were unpredictable and elusive.

After decades of experimenting and coaching, she discovered a fast, effective way to get all those insights. It is a new easy way to think laterally.​

Her first book Fast Track Real Confidence is the result of all her work in this area.



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