December 7, 2017

Sarah had another common problem. She thought it was her role to make everyone else happy. After reading Fast Track Real Confidence and sing the cards, she had this to say.

I never thought of myself as a martyr or a doormat or a victim. I was just a mum—a pretty good mum. However, when I joined the journal-writing classes, I wondered why I found it hard to re...

November 30, 2017

Dianna, a self-confessed perfectionist, discusses how she expects others to be perfectionists too. Once she read Fast Track Real Confidence, and started using her cards (now an App), she realized how futile this was.

Like Janet S., I used to expect myself to be perfect. However, while I was writing about my own dismal attempt to be perfect, I took it one step...

November 23, 2017

Dr. Anne talks about how she learnt to look after her own needs better. She worked on her skills after reading Fast Track Real Confidence, and using the cards (now an App).

One insight I had quite recently, is that it is okay to stand up for myself. I can say more or less what I think. What a load off my shoulders! All my life I thought it was rude to stand u...

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