One Little Push

October 26, 2017



Here is one woman’s success. She got her kids and husband to do the washing up and tidy their rooms, all through journal writing. This woman should get a knighthood.  She used the techniques outlined in Fast Track Real Confidence and her cards, which have been turned into an App.


My journal writing helped me to realize that I held onto the role of wife and mother for longer than was necessary. I would rush in from work, cook the dinner and wash-up, put on loads of washing, and fold clothes while the family watched TV. I would try to do the dishes when the ads were on. I always missed half the program.


I did that for thirty years. I was exhausted. No matter how much I begged the children to help me, they just left it all for me to do the next day. Pocket money did not work. Nothing seemed to work. Michael was not use either.


I knew things needed to change. I was over being the local dog’s body. Once I started journal writing with my coach, I realized that nothing was going to change. It was up to me to fix this problem. This was a revelation to me. The first thing I did was set a roster on whose turn it was to wash up.


Seeing them do the washing-up felt good, even if they did moan and groan. The next step is to teach them all how to cook. My evenings are much more relaxing now I can enjoy my dinner without the thought of facing dirty dishes yet again. The children and Michael do the laundry now – not many clothes get folded but I don’t care. And most of the clothes end up on the floors of their rooms. I leave the bedroom doors closed. Saturday afternoon is room inspection time. Anyone who has not tidied their rooms is grounded that night. This is Michael’s job.


At first the moaning was so bad, that I had to escape so I had a bath. Now I have a warm, relaxing bath most nights. And then I do my journal writing. This is the highlight of my day. I used to suffer from asthma, which has been getting worse over time. However, my asthma has eased off a lot. I am convinced that my asthma was related to feeling like I had too much to do. I know now that there is a mind-body connection. The more I relax, the easier I breathe.




PS If the moaning gets too much, Fiona’s idea of earplugs does work. I always write with them now. No-one knows I am wearing them.


Janet S.


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