Have you had a problem that you have wrestled with for some time? Then – out of the blue – you get the answer.


This is no ordinary answer. This answer is absolutely 100% right for you. It is as if someone has assessed the problem with your best interests in mind. And come up with this unique fabulous answer.


Psychologists call that answer an insight.


The problem is that insights don’t happen that often. They are few and far between.


Where do those answers come from? Basically, there are two parts to your mind – your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is the noisy chatter that seems to go on all the time. Your subconscious mind is the quiet little recess in your mind that houses all your answers. Only very occasionally will the noisy conscious mind stop long enough for you to hear your subconscious mind.


Until now – there is a way.


Three things happen when you take a few minutes to write about your problem.


Firstly, you are setting up a dialogue with your subconscious mind. You are asking the question in the expectation of an answer. When you write, you give your question your undivided attention. Your question becomes crystal clear and specific.


Secondly, when you write about your problem, you are letting off steam onto the page. Emotions like anger, or frustration, or sadness, move from you and onto the page. Once the emotion is released, you can see he problem more clearly.  This release of emotion is a most cathartic experience that automatically reduces your stress levels. 

Thirdly, there is an App that helps you view your problems from a new fresh perspective. This App is the magic bullet. They help you think laterally about your question. Your journal writing becomes a meaningful dialogue between you and your subconscious mind, and not just a diary.


When you think of a problem, you tend to start in the same place. The thought process goes around the same track and comes out at the same place. If it is an emotional problem, the tension tends to keep rising and the problem tends to look bigger. The emotion rises and the problem becomes overwhelming. 

So looking at your problem from the same perspective has not solved it.  You need to look at your problem from a different perspective if you want to solve it.

This is why you have the App. Each screen has a powerful word on it. Each day you get a new screen with your word for that day. You write about your problem from that perspective. Approaching your problem from a fresh new angle, helps you to see your problem in a different light. And this is when you will get your insights.  

Journal writing with the App is a fast effective way to get all the insights you need to get you on the right path. So you can enjoy all the success you desire. And it only takes ten minutes writing each day.  

These books have helped thousands of people just like you all over the world. They can help you too. Now, you can have the life you want.

I look forward to hearing from you as you go from success to success. 



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